E’s Story

E Lai Sterns is an entrepreneur, a creative and style enthusiast currently residing in San Francisco, California.

A native from St. Louis, Missouri, E has a bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing and later moved out west to earn a masters in UX design and new media. E has worked for several design agencies and has founded and invested in multiple media based companies, working on high profile projects for clients such as NIKEiD, Olivia Travel, Ellen DeGeneres, Charlotte Russ, and many more.

Throughout it all, E continues to cross barriers, knock down obstacles, and overcome adversity and stigma for trans and gender nonconforming folks in menswear by showcasing his own personal style and love for fashion as a trans man. Proving that menswear is not confined to one gender and in fact goes beyond the binary.

In his latest project, E Lai Sterns sets to inspire and empower others to seek out their own personal style, find confidence to forge their own path and be proud of who they are.