Beckett Simonon

Walk a mile in my shoes

Beckett Simonon hooked me up with a sleek pair of Dean Oxfords to rock.

Upon receiving this gift I was immediately impressed with the packaging. The box is sleek, the shoes come in nice shoe bags, and they provide extra laces and inserts.

From the moment I touched these shoes, I could tell they were quality. They hand make them one at a time. If you dream of having that one pair of shoes that look great no matter what, a pair that will never go out of style, the Dean Oxfords have you covered. These are the shoes that you never have to think about when getting dressed in the morning. They’ll help you stand out from the crowd and are sure to earn you compliments wherever you go.

What I like about them

They understand bags and shoes are an integral part of peoples life and they show customers that they are overpaying on the exact same shoe elsewhere. There’s an entire world of hidden costs that need to be backed by the prices they pay. But buying a cheap pair of shoes is not a good idea either, it’s actually very expensive in the long run (as they need to be replaced more frequently) and they don’t look as good. With Beckett Simonon they can get the best of both worlds, beautiful long-lasting quality, and even more beautiful prices. It’s a smarter decision to wait a little bit for a product that’s affordable and well made, than getting something immediately that won’t last or will look cheap. They believe that good things come to those who are patient and I do too. You won’t be disappointed.

Average delivery time?

8 – 12 weeks.


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