Knot Standard

Anything, but standard.

One of my go-to companies for MTM suits is Knot Standard and let me tell you why…

I’ve worked with this company for many years and while I’d like to say it was smooth sailing, I can say it has a very happy ending.

This company made my first custom blazer. I used their online portal and was pretty skeptical that it would come out exactly right without the need for alterations. The package came and I was so excited because I was just starting to expand my custom wardrobe. I couldn’t open the box fast enough. When I finally got the box open I slide the blazer on and to my overly ecstatic, but surprised self it fit PERFECTLY. I mean hugged in all the right place, gave that perfect silhouette, and length stopped at just the right spots. I was overjoyed and in fact, it’s one of my favorite blazers to wear (More on that in another post). Given the quality and how amazing it fit I knew I had to go back for more.

Fast forward a couple of years, I was planning my wedding to my first wife. I had no doubt I was going to use Knot Standard to help me design and make my custom tux. I attempted to order it online since I had such a great experience the first time and I made sure to do it 8 months in advance to make sure if any hiccups arose I had plenty of time to deal with it. It finally arrived and to my disappointment, the pants did not fit at all right. Something all of us non-binary folks face at one point or another. So I reached out to their support and I was assured that a new pair would be on the way that would work. The new pair was made and sent and this time worse than the last pair. After much back and forth with their support, I went into their brick and mortar store here in the city. That’s when I met my stylist Jocelyn. Jocelyn was completely understanding of my situation, had major empathy, and took action.


Happy Endings & Lessons Learned

I won’t go into every detail, but while getting my tux was an ordeal, didn’t go as planned and I have had some other holdups with them … Jocelyn and the Knot Standard team well made up for their manufacturing and deadline errors. They have produced a few more stellar suits that I wear all the time. See photos if you don’t believe me.

The lesson is that sometimes excellent customer services is worth dealing with issues especially when they are willing to go the extra mile. Given everything I probably wouldn’t have continued to come back if their customer service wasn’t excellent and they weren’t committed to making it right and then some. Bottom line, they produce quality work and they put the customer first.

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