Suit Supply

Fresh Blazer … Check!

Once you have the basics it’s time to expand and up your game with patterns and textures.

Nothing says classy, sophisticated or elegance like a check or windowpane blazer or suit. It really takes your style to the next level.

In search to expand my collection of MTM companies that deliver quality suits at an affordable price, I decided to try out Suit Supply. Like every MTM company, you need an appointment. I went with something that could be worn to work, for fun, and as separates. To me, suiting is a way of life! And, regardless if you are getting your first suit or 100th, have fun with it and make it an item you will wear throughout the year(s).

Not Just Suits

Not only do they make MTM suits, but the also have pretty dope shoes. Check out these loafers I swiped as well. What do you all think?

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