Seas The Day

On the Coastlines of Maine

Sometimes you go to the beach and you are not up for busting out the swimwear.

This is one of my favorite casual looks. Nothing makes you stand out more than a bright red polo, whitewashed jeans, and squeaky white kicks.

I can’t stress how important fit is when rocking this look or any look really. Far too often I see folks wearing ill fitted outfits. Usually, it’s just too big. Now as someone who is a trans man I get the reasons for this. One that I hear all the time is, “I don’t want to show off my curves so I get the next size up.” I use to say and do the same thing, but I was wrong in thinking that theory was true. The opposite result is typically what you will get when you do this. When you buy a more fitted outfit you’ll find that your silhouette has the illusion of being more slender and gives you that more masculine look you are trying to achieve.

Life Hack

If you’re a shawty like me and can’t get your jeans tailored right away … pin rolling your jeans is a solid solution. It’s a classic and stylish look while functional for someone who say is 5’4 and can’t find jeans shorter than 30L. But seriously, long term … get your jeans tailored.

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