Dapper Social Club

Building LGBTQ Community & Friendships.

Beyond wanting to hang with other fly queers, masculine of center, non-binary and trans men who have more swag in their pinky than the world knows what to do with … here’s the real reason I started this social club.

I’m a transplant who landed in San Francisco after I moved here from St. Louis eight years ago.

The moment I got here, I hit the ground running with work and going to grad school part-time. It’s hard to meet new people as an adult, and because of my rigorous schedule, I made fewer than a handful of friends who I formed really genuine and meaningful relationships with. And in most cases, they live in the East Bay. While the people, culture, and overall scene in the East Bay are really incredible, I don’t want to have to cross a bridge or have to be back before BART shuts down for the night every time I want to hang with friends.

A Yearning for Community and Real Relationships

I have a burning desire to expand my relationships in a way that sparks true connection and creates bonds that will last a lifetime. I know that I’m not the only one in this city who has that same desire. I also know that not all queers, masculine of center, non-binary, and trans guys live in the East Bay. They’re right here in San Francisco.

I started the Dapper Social Club for bois like me who like to get dressed up, who are politically engaged and care about what’s going on in the world, are social justice minded, who are driven professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, hustlers and visionaries of all types.

Fellow bois who enjoy dining out, working out, taking trips, hosting poker nights, going to the movies, playing in sports leagues, and so much more can find meaningful connection with each other in the Dapper Social Club.

Join us as we build community, together.

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